Discovering Agro-Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Through the “Grandfriend Digital Game”

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Grandfriend Digital Game

As we have seen in a previous blogpost, over time, agriculture has evolved from simple subsistence methods to modern technological innovations. Therefore, as we look to the future, integrating traditional wisdom with contemporary advancements is crucial for sustainable development. In line with this vision, this blog post covers one of the “Grandfriend” project results – a digital intergenerational game that promotes agricultural knowledge and sustainable practices through an engaging and educational experience.

This blog post is part of the EU-funded project “Intergenerational Hub for the Amelioration of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Entrepreneurial Mindset.” The project is coordinated by  L4Y Learning for Youth GmbH, with partners KMOPPolish Farm AdvisoryCitizens in PowerChalledu. For more information, visit the home page of the project.

Overview of the Grandfriend Digital Game

The “Grandfriend Digital Game” is a serious game designed to enhance knowledge about agro-entrepreneurship and sustainability. Moreover, it aims to provide a playful and immersive learning environment. This environment bridges the generational gap between experienced farmers and young agro-entrepreneurs. By fostering imagination, curiosity, and a collaborative spirit, the game promotes unintentional learning and the exchange of valuable agricultural insights.

Objectives of the Grandfriend Digital Game

  • Knowledge Enhancement: The game helps players improve their agricultural literacy and behaviors. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive understanding of sustainable farming practices.
  • Immersive Experience: As an educational tool, the game provides a context-rich storyline and interactive elements. Additionally, these elements actively engage players in shaping the narrative. Thus, the learning experience becomes more dynamic and engaging.
  • Non-Linear Learning: Unlike competitive games, Grandfriend’s digital game emphasizes a non-linear dialogue. Consequently, it allows players to explore multiple scenario paths based on their choices. Therefore, this approach supports personalized learning experiences and the exploration of various agricultural scenarios.

Target Groups of Grandfriend Digital Game

The primary audience for the “Grandfriend Digital Game” includes:

  • Experienced Farmers: Older generations with extensive knowledge of traditional and contemporary agricultural practices.
  • Young Agro-Entrepreneurs: New entrants in the agricultural field who are eager to learn about sustainable farming and agro-entrepreneurship.

Educational Framework and Guidelines

The development of the Grandfriend game is grounded in extensive research on game-based learning and non-linear interactive digital storytelling (IDS) games. Consequently, the theoretical framework emphasizes the importance of creating engaging, educational experiences that facilitate knowledge transfer between generations. Therefore, the design focuses on making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Key Features

  • Scenario-Based Learning: The game offers multiple scenario paths, evolving through branches according to the user’s choices. Indeed, this dynamic storytelling approach ensures that each playthrough is unique and tailored to the player’s decisions
  • Interactive Elements: Players actively participate in shaping the narrative. They make choices that influence the game’s outcome. This interactive approach fosters deeper engagement and learning. Furthermore, it encourages players to think critically about their decisions. As a result, they become more involved in the learning process.

Promoting Sustainable Development Goals

The “Grandfriend Digital Game” aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It particularly supports the goal of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all. By promoting agricultural education and sustainability through an intergenerational and interactive approach, “Grandfriend” contributes to building a resilient and equitable food system.


In conclusion, the “Grandfriend” digital game represents a significant step towards integrating traditional agricultural knowledge with modern sustainable practices. By creating a collaborative and engaging learning environment, the game supports the development of agro-entrepreneurship. Moreover, it promotes sustainable agricultural practices. As we continue to innovate and adapt, initiatives like “Grandfriend” play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for agriculture. If you would like to try the game, click here.

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